Global Action Report

Catalyzing connections. Powering changemakers. Sharing insights.

Spring 2023

Panorama Group's
Global Action Report

Panorama's new Global Action Report shares select examples of the unique roles we play in the social impact sector and how we build partnerships on our platform.

This report highlights the impacts our team has had over the past year, in partnership with philanthropies, world leaders, advocates, and entrepreneurs, categorized across three main themes.

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Catalyzing connections

Panorama plays an important role in connecting the dots for changemakers, bringing together partners in ways that can lead to greater impact than working in siloes.

Featured projects include:

  • Global grantmaking to support and connect organizations
  • Bringing together peers, funders, and social impact leaders
  • Connecting state and national partners to achieve gender parity in U.S. politics
  • Strengthening the global health supply chain

Powering changemakers

We know that world-changing ideas can come from leaders anywhere, so we work to support changemakers everywhere we can. Fiscal sponsorship is one important tool in our toolset that helps us accelerate and incubate important ideas and projects.

Featured projects include:

  • Reimagining what’s possible in global development
  • Expanding Indigenous-led initiatives for gender, earth, and racial justice
  • Shaking the tables where decisions are made
  • Driving investment in solutions for gun violence prevention

Sharing insights

We believe in sharing the knowledge and insights generated by our programs as widely as possible to help inform progress on pressing issues as much as possible.

Featured projects include:

  • Calling on world leaders to act on COVID’s lessons
  • Encouraging trust-based, unrestricted funding
  • Accelerating global action against image-based sexual abuse
  • Elevating innovations and recommendations from youth mental health groups

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