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Panorama: A Platform for Social Change

Panorama is comprised of three entities:

Panorama Global

A Social Impact Nonprofit

Panorama Strategy

A Social Purpose Consultancy

Panorama Action

An Advocacy Incubator

We partner with leaders, philanthropists, nonprofits, international organizations, private sector, and governments to create an equitable and sustainable world where all people thrive.

Our platform enables partners to address the world's most pressing challenges. Panorama partners with values-aligned changemakers and funders who believe in sustainable change.

  • We see the big picture and examine all angles
  • We collaborate and foster meaningful relationships
  • We maintain and strive for excellence

Our business model and collaborative approach optimizes efficiency by seamlessly integrating services, resources, and expertise across the enterprise. This translates into significant time and cost savings for our partners. We pride ourselves on flexibility to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving landscape. Panorama provides essential services, expertise, and catalytic solutions to drive greater impact and durable change.

Building Power with Partners

As a platform for social change, we understand the dedication and time required to turn a vision into reality—and sustain it. We know what it means to build from the ground up. Panorama provides infrastructure and capacity building services to help leaders and organizations drive impact in the U.S. and internationally.

We build power with partners through scalable solutions that include fiscal sponsorship, secretariat support, strategy development, and comprehensive global employment solutions. Working with Panorama means accelerating your impact. Partnering with Panorama means gaining a trusted thought leader, a strategic consultant with a social purpose lens, and access to a team of problem solvers across issue areas and geographies.

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Building Power with Partners:

Fiscal Sponsorship

Creating and managing an independent nonprofit organization is complex, time-consuming, and costly. Fiscal sponsorship offers a solution, enabling leaders to rapidly launch charitable initiatives, and ignite social movements without the administrative burdens of starting and running an independent nonprofit entity. With Panorama's fiscal sponsorship services, we handle the administrative and operational processes, systems, and tools, ensuring a swift, efficient, and lower risk launch for new ideas or a lean operating model for ongoing programs.

Panorama's adaptive model allows partners to access the full breadth of resources and services offered across the platform. Our fiscally sponsored partners benefit from Panorama’s 501(c)(3) status, financial administration, human resources and benefits management, governance, compliance, and risk management, and give leaders the freedom to focus on mission critical activities. Beyond this, we are committed to providing operational excellence to support changemakers across issue areas, including health, social and civic engagement, gender, climate change, and human rights. Panorama is committed to supporting your vision and building power together through operational excellence and high-quality services.

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View Case Study: Hyphen

Hyphen is a nonprofit intermediary powered by Panorama, specializing in the development of public-private co-investment strategies to catalyze multi-sector partnerships and collaborations. Grounded in the mission to achieve racial equity, their primary focus is to accelerate structural change and to improve material conditions of low-income communities, communities of color, and other historically underserved communities.

Since 2021, Hyphen has partnered with Panorama and utilized our fiscal sponsorship services for their operational, administrative, and grant-making needs. To date, Panorama has managed four initiatives for Hyphen through our platform which is designed to be flexible, scalable, and compatible with every partner's unique needs. This allows our partners to minimize administrative work and focus on their mission while we support their operations and infrastructure needs.

Investing in small businesses of color

Over the last year, Panorama's fiscal sponsorship team has provided the infrastructure for Hyphen to successfully incubate the Initiative for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (IIE), a $100 million national effort in partnership with The White House to expand access to capital for small businesses owned by people of color. IIE harnesses the power of public-private collaboration that strengthens the small business ecosystem and advances racial equity by expanding access to capital for communities of color, investing in small businesses of color at scale, and removing systemic barriers for marginalized communities to build wealth.

Panorama has played an instrumental role in supporting Hyphen and the successful implementation of IIE by:

  • Working closely and collaboratively with Hyphen President and Founder, Archana Sahgal, to ensure a seamless process of applying for and receiving grant funding
  • Overseeing the administrative process of grant applications, which has resulted in securing over $9M in funding from funders such as JP Morgan Chase, W,K. Kellogg Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and more
  • Managing the necessary due diligence and compliance process for issuing nine grants, facilitating the flow of over $4.5M to community partners

Moving Forward

Although the Initiative for Inclusive Entrepreneurship is still underway, it is evident that it has the power to be transformative for communities of color. By intentionally deploying funds, providing training and technical assistance, and harnessing the power of public-private partnerships, Hyphen is playing a key role in shifting the small business ecosystem to be more equitable and accessible. With Panorama's fiscal sponsorship services and thought partnership, Hyphen is setting the stage to accelerate social impact and change systems in unprecedented ways. We look forward to supporting Hyphen in their mission critical work including the continued building and bolstering of key relationships across and within communities of color.

Learn more about fiscal sponsorship at Panorama

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Building Power with Partners:

Secretariat Support

Fostering collaboration among diverse partners requires dedicated support to ensure that everyone can engage in meaningful ways to drive collective action. We believe in meeting partners where they are and guiding them toward their desired destination. Panorama offers secretariat support including project management, governance, policy, administration, and finance.

Our solutions depend on where our partners are in their lifecycle. We stand up secretariats by supporting decision-making on governance and operating structure, leading recruitment and onboarding staff, ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, identifying and achieving quick programmatic wins to maintain momentum among partners, and helping established groups to refine their operating model.

Our capabilities enable us to seamlessly design and administer a program with our partners, including organizing meetings, preparing and managing member and stakeholder communications, agenda setting, and updating and hosting digital resources and materials.

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View Case Study: M-POWER

M-POWER: Multilateral Partnership for Organizing, Worker Empowerment, and Rights

logo: M-POWERWorkers need representation, a collective, amplified voice, and a means to mobilize. M-POWER is a historic global initiative focused on ensuring working families thrive in the global economy and elevating the role of trade unions and organized workers as essential to advancing democracy. M-POWER is a partnership of governments, global and national labor organizations, philanthropic institutions, and civil society organizations committed to working together to uphold workers' rights, strengthen the capacity of democratic unions to organize and represent all workers. M-POWER is one of the most significant initiatives of governments, trade unions, and labor support organizations to advance workplace democracy and support trade union rights in the global economy.

Powering M-Power

Panorama provides M-POWER a platform from which to operate from, allowing the initiative to continue to gain traction by engaging with current and potential partners, receiving diverse funding streams, and distributing grants. As the initiative focuses on its building phase, Panorama is instrumental in helping to reduce the weight of operational requirements including budget and financial management, human resources, contracting, and grant management through the provision of these services or by providing these services at varying capacities.

As M-POWER's secretariat, Panorama facilitated a transition of the initiative's management from the U.S. Department of Labor to Panorama, which included building the administrative infrastructure, supporting ongoing working group and steering committee meetings and actions, overseeing the hiring of Executive Director Rob Wayss, and facilitating a brand strategy with new logo and web site.

Moving Forward

Funded for the first two years by the U.S. Department of Labor, M-POWER will operate on Panorama's platform, leveraging our full suite of services for the coalition's operational, administrative, and strategic needs. Over the next year, M-POWER plans to center worker rights through its support of trade unions from countries from all regions of the world to advance union organizing and worker representation; collective bargaining and labor relations between unions, employers, industries, and governments; and the practical realization of the rights of workers at their workplaces. M-POWER partners will support efforts across several labor issues including, but not limited to, occupational safety and health, gig and platform work, and gender-based violence and harassment. The partnership will also leverage partner-coordinated efforts and actions to rapidly respond to urgent labor matters when workers are under threat.

Panorama looks forward to supporting M-POWER as they continue to strengthen workplace democracy globally and expand opportunities for worker voice engagement in social dialogue and policy discussions; and uphold and advance workers' fundamental rights.

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Building Power with Partners:

Peer Learning Communities

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Panorama believes that peer learning is an important modality for individual and systemic growth. We have a proven track record in building and managing peer learning communities at every stage, including cohort recruitment, planning, facilitation and implementation. When appropriate, we document what we have learned and share these lessons publicly.

Panorama supports a range of peer learning communities, whether it is individual philanthropists coming together to learn about a new investment area or a cohort of leaders of community-based organizations sharing best practices.

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Building Power with Partners:

Comprehensive Global Employment Solutions

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Social impact work transcends borders, benefiting communities beyond our own. However, working internationally involves complex laws, regulations, and cultural norms that can be daunting. Panorama's human resources and people and culture expertise extend across borders, providing partners with seamless international operations and global HR compliance.

Establishing an initiative or executing a time-bound grant project requires hiring the best talent to ensure success. Panorama knows that the right staff makes all the difference and understands the complexity of HR management. Our comprehensive employment solutions provide partners with efficient and effective recruitment, worldwide hiring, quick onboarding, payroll, time and expense management, compensation and benefits administration, employee assistance programs, training, and employee relations. Placing the right talent in the right position helps our partners thrive in achieving their goals.

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Building Power with Partners:

Strategy Development

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Behind every social change movement, innovative initiative, and coalition is an evidence-based strategy. Panorama partners with visionary leaders from across sectors and geographies to develop effective strategies using evidence, analysis, and forward-thinking.

We examine issues from all angles and bring a range of strategy expertise to ensure our partners achieve their objectives. Our approach entails goal setting, research, analysis, strategy formation, strategy implementation, and strategy monitoring. We walk together with partners, and deliver a range of products and services, including market research, landscape analyses, stakeholder mapping, strategic plans, theory of change, behavioral change communication and evaluation, organizational and operational considerations, program design, and resource mobilization.

Learn more about Panorama Strategy

Bridging Changemakers & Communities

Systems change takes time and requires a steady and clear strategy and intentional engagement to make effective change. Panorama provides a wide range of services to support our partners in bridging changemakers and communities.

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Bridging Changemakers & Communities:

US & International Grantmaking

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Panorama designs strategies and operationalizes grantmaking to turn philanthropic initiatives into powerful tools for change. Individuals, foundations, and corporate social responsibility leaders committed to strengthening their communities turn to Panorama for our comprehensive services in grantmaking, including pre-award, award, and post-award stages. Our philanthropic initiatives span global health equity in low- and middle-income countries, women's political leadership in the U.S. and globally, gender equity, and adolescent mental health.

Panorama works with our partners to craft grant programs and deploy resources to targeted organizations and communities across the U.S. and the world. We ease the administrative burden, expand programmatic capacity, navigate regulations, collaborate with donors and grantee partners, provide guidance on philanthropic best practices, and increase the impact of grantmaking programs. Panorama's platform and network position us to act quickly to develop grantmaking initiatives that drive social change.

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Bridging Changemakers & Communities:

Collaborative Funds

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Collaborative funds are a powerful tool to bridge changemakers with communities. Our collaborative funds provide grant funding, gather and disseminate insights, and engage grantee partners in collective efforts ranging from networking to field-level measurement, learning, monitoring, and evaluation.

In collaboration with our philanthropic partners, Panorama designs, launches, and manages collaborative funds with the goal of addressing large-scale social, economic, and environmental change and creating systemic change. Whether it is getting life-saving medicine to remote areas in low- and middle-income countries or supporting women in political leadership in the U.S., Panorama enables donors to enhance or extend their giving strategies based on real-time field-level insights - all while exploring how their goals intersect with broader social change.

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View Case Study: The T1D Community Fund

logo: The T1D Community FundThe Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Community Fund was created by Panorama in partnership with the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to unlock resources for historically underfunded community-based organizations in low- and middle-income countries while uplifting their work and unveiling insights into the challenges of existing health systems and barriers faced by people with type 1 diabetes.

Organizations around the world are leading with community-driven solutions to support people living with type 1 diabetes—but this work often happens far from conversations that impact health systems.

"Our work can mean the difference between suffering from diabetes or living the best life with diabetes." — Estefanía Malassisi
The Association for the Care of Diabetes in Argentina CUI.D.AR and person living with type 1 diabetes.

A Global Epidemic

It is estimated that nine million people living with type 1 diabetes in low- and middle-income countries depend on life-long insulin treatment for survival, according to the World Health Organization. Type 1 diabetes is a life-threatening chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin—a hormone that controls the amount of sugar in your blood to produce energy. There is no known prevention for type 1 diabetes, however, it can be treated and managed effectively with access to vital health services and supplies, living a healthy lifestyle, and monitoring blood sugar.

Supporting Impacted Individuals and Families

To close gaps in access to programs and services for people living with type 1 diabetes, The T1D Community Fund makes multi-year grants to community-based organizations in low- and middle-income countries that support impacted individuals and their families to gain access to high-quality treatment or other forms of medical, social, economic, or emotional care. Centering the experience, knowledge, and needs of our grantee partners, we strive to help create opportunities for connection and collaboration between community-based organizations and advance learning and knowledge-sharing on needs, challenges, and opportunities to better support the type 1 diabetes community in the future.

Making Strides in Their Work

The T1D Community Fund has awarded multi-year grants to 30 community-based organizations in 23 countries across Africa, Central and South Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

These grants have enabled organizations to make significant strides in their work, including:

  • Training teachers and healthcare workers
  • Establishing a new clinic
  • Activities to inform policy
  • Offering holistic programs such as insulin and tests to psychological care, nutrition and other healthy living programs, specialized medical care, resources to improve families' economic capacity, and camps that support and create community for young people living with type 1 diabetes
  • Providing emergency type 1 diabetes relief for victims of the January 2023 earthquake in Turkey

Moving Forward

As one of our partners shared, “The fight against T1D is not for one person, but a collective effort to impact lives of people living with diabetes.” Our September 2023 request for proposals attracted 247 applications, an indication of the scale of opportunity for further investment in community-based programs.

"Our experience as a grantee so far has been extraordinarily good… The level of trust that has been established between CUI.D.AR and The T1D Community Fund of Panorama is also very valuable to us. There is a lot of talk these days about 'listening to patient organizations or patients' when designing interventions, but it is rarely actually put into practice…In this case, contrary to what usually happens, we felt that from The T1D Community Fund of Panorama, we were really consulted as an organization…what our needs were and that is how The T1D Community Fund of Panorama is planning actions that give a timely and accurate response to those needs."

In the coming year, The T1D Community Fund will continue to work with community-based partners as we seek to share their experiences with donors and others who can increase investment in addressing type 1 diabetes.

Learn more about grantmaking at Panorama

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Bridging Changemakers & Communities:

Stakeholder Management & Engagement

Panorama collaborates with a universe of partners representing nonprofits, government, international organizations, civil society, and the private sector. Whether it is a peer learning community, small working group, coalitions, global events or conferences, Panorama has the expertise to drive a path forward. As a convener, we understand that gathering people together in a room does not produce results on its own. Our expertise in convening is demonstrated by putting the right voices in conversation with one another as the first and crucial step to creating something actionable.

Our approach is to work closely and understand a partner's goals and objectives to ensure the planning, facilitation, agenda setting, information sharing, materials development, presentation, and intended participants are aligned to ensure the expected outcome is achieved. Our skilled team utilizes best practice, tools, and engagement platforms to conduct research, identify, cultivate, manage, and lead stakeholders into meaningful engagement with action steps and follow-through.

Panorama's stakeholder engagement at small-scale events, high-level meetings, and global conferences demonstrates our competencies to serve as a neutral facilitator to drive alignment and progress across issue areas and geographies to influence decision-makers.

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Bridging Changemakers & Communities:

Knowledge Capital & Network Access

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Panorama prides itself on being a trusted and reliable source for its partners, adept at addressing complex issues and challenges with a solution mindset. Our knowledge capital is acquired from our unique vantage point at the intersection of social change issue areas and is rooted in qualitative and quantitative research, along with the utilization of practical tools for monitoring, evaluation, and learning. Whether we are creating a theory of change, developing knowledge-sharing resources, or measuring program performance, our expertise empowers partners to make informed decisions, optimizing performance and maximizing impact.

Our knowledge capital extends beyond mere information; it's about harnessing the power of our network giving partners the advantage of access and connections within our project communities, trainings, interactive learning communities, and insightful webinars covering topics such as combatting image-based abuse, global health initiatives, and strategies for impactful philanthropy. Our commitment to knowledge-sharing is evident through our resources and a library of publications and digital assets. Read Panorama's publications and resources.

Read our publications & resources.

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Bridging Changemakers & Communities:

Digital Platforms & Creative Services

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Projects and initiatives need to build trust and credibility with funders, community leaders, and other key stakeholders, and a professional online presence is an important first step to doing so. Panorama offers digital and creative consulting services in web development, design, and maintenance; user experience; marketing asset development; digital strategy formulation; engagement platforms; brand creation and management, and targeted messaging for the right audiences. We possess the expertise to design and produce publications, reports, and promotional materials. Our expertise in strategic communications helps partners amplify their presence and messaging and share information promptly.

Supporting Changemakers

Panorama supports partners by meeting them where they are to accelerate change.

In our work with early-stage social entrepreneurs from marginalized communities, we learned that they are over-mentored but under-funded and lacking in business and infrastructure resources. Panorama supports these social entrepreneurs in ensuring their vision becomes a reality by creating an inclusive community for ideation, information-sharing, and best practices. We provide strategic counsel, offer education and training sessions, and an online platform for peer engagement.

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View Case Study: Accelerating Social Change Leadership

World-changing ideas can emerge from leaders anywhere

Social entrepreneurs—innovators who develop solutions to social issues—are often closest to challenges they are working to address and more familiar with potential solutions. Yet, they are often further from power and funding, kept at a distance by systemic barriers to resources, community, and education. These constraints can slow, hinder, or outright prevent the potential for world-changing ideas and a stronger social sector.

Supporting early-stage social entrepreneurs, particularly those who come from systemically excluded communities, creates outsized impact. In 2023, Panorama launched the Accelerating Social Change Leadership initiative to address sectoral gaps and increase equity in the social change ecosystem by expanding access to knowledge and resources. The initiative supports emerging changemakers, activists, and social impact leaders from a variety of fields to launch and scale their innovative social change initiatives.

Leveraging human-centered design to identify the unique needs of early-stage social entrepreneurs

Panorama identified a gap in the social change ecosystem and set out to address it. Idea and early-stage social change entrepreneurs experience a steep learning curve defined by fragmented resources and a lack of support. Panorama's broad network of changemakers and expertise in operational leadership means we can provide early-stage leaders with tailored resources and strategic counsel to shorten this learning curve and increase the effectiveness of the broader social sector. Building on years of experience supporting changemakers at all stages, Panorama designed an initiative specific to the unique needs of early-stage social entrepreneurs centered on collaboration, skill-building, and peer learning.

"It's been helpful knowing that we have this community to lean on and that it's okay to not know everything. Sometimes, as a social entrepreneur, it feels like you have to have all the answers." - Stephanie Lopez, Executive Director, Latinas Represent

First-Year learnings

In 2023, Panorama convened the first cohort of eight early-stage leaders. Over the course of the year, Panorama facilitated 40 one-on-one strategic coaching sessions by industry experts in addition to six peer learning sessions focused on leadership resilience, community growth, and organizational operations like scaling and fundraising. Through the Accelerating Social Change Leadership initiative, Panorama supported leaders in building the knowledge and skills to succeed in launching and scaling social change initiatives.

In the first year of this initiative, Panorama has gained greater insight into what early-stage leaders need through empathy interviews, surveys, and landscape analysis. Three key insights emerged from the first year, which will inform the program and resources for the next cohort of changemakers:

  • Early-stage social entrepreneurs face challenges in identifying the resources and support they need.
  • Funding, time, and operational support are often the biggest barriers to scale and wellness.
  • Operations and organizational growth are the top learning priorities for early-stage social entrepreneurs, and they prefer to learn from and with others.

Moving Forward

The first year of this initiative focused on providing tailored individual and organizational support, and learning from the cohort on how the social sector can better support their ventures. In 2024 the Accelerating Social Change Leadership initiative will onboard a second cohort of early-stage entrepreneurs and work to enhance their operations and streamline their search for unrestricted funds. To better serve the social change ecosystem, the initiative is developing a much-needed open-access resource informed by social change leaders to help early-stage entrepreneurs navigate the first five years of social entrepreneurship.

"We're thrilled to partner with Panorama on this exciting new initiative that will support early-stage social entrepreneurs, including those from historically excluded communities, to develop and launch impactful initiatives." - Elizabeth Carlock Phillips, Executive Director, Phillips Foundation

Panorama will also drive social innovation on emerging issues where we see the need for attention and leadership. We develop a strategy, raise funds, and create a solution to fill a gap. For example, The Reclaim Coalition to End Online Image-based Sexual Violence, is a global, survivor-centered movement working across sectors to end online image-based sexual violence, was established after a full year of consultations with over 100 global stakeholders.

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View Case Study: The Reclaim Coalition

logo: The Reclaim Coalition Panorama Global identified an emerging issue that would benefit from increased attention, funding, political will, and field-building. Image-based sexual violence (IBSV) affects millions of people—primarily women and those who identify as LGBTQ—around the world. Yet this issue has not gained the attention and funding that it deserves. In 2022, Panorama began the work of bringing together a broad coalition of global stakeholders to combat this form of technology-enabled gender-based violence.

The inaugural months consisted of consultations with over 100 key stakeholders across 19 countries, including lived experience experts, advocates, government regulatory bodies, and academics. The result was a resounding call for an entity to align and strengthen the network of global stakeholders working to end image-based sexual violence around the globe, and accelerate their impact.

In 2023, Panorama Global launched The Reclaim Coalition to End Online Image-based Sexual Violence, a global, survivor-centered movement working collectively to end this form of sexual violence, alongside more than 30 partners from 14 countries.

One Lived Experience Expert's Impact:

Adriane Moen, a U.S.-based survivor of image-based sexual violence and sex trafficking, joined The Reclaim Coalition at our inaugural lived experience expert convening in 2022 as one of 20 experts. In Spring 2023, six of The Reclaim Coalition's partners with lived experience, including Adriane, gave remarks to the White House Task Force to Address Online Harassment and Abuse and advocated for a national helpline for survivors of image-based sexual violence. This advocacy directly informed the funding for a first-of-its-kind helpline in the United States, supported by the Department of Justice Office of Victims of Crime.

Building Power with Panorama's Platform and Network

Image-based sexual violence is not new. Leaders in the field have worked to combat this issue and advocate for justice for years, but despite years of experience and advocacy, the field has remained underfunded and fragmented. Panorama's network and platform facilitated the key conversations that fostered collective action among governments, lawyers, tech companies, and survivor leaders.

As the secretariat for The Reclaim Coalition, Panorama strategically combined decades of global expertise in the fight against online sexual violence to accelerate the speed and scale at which we can end image-based violence. By breaking the silos of technology, advocacy, civil society, survivors, and government, The Reclaim Coalition sparked a global, survivor-centered movement that is gaining momentum.

Since launching The Reclaim Coalition, Panorama has shared its expertise at a dozen conferences in seven countries, consulted with the White House Gender and Policy Council and facilitated survivor-leadership, and engaged with media via the critically acclaimed documentary about deepfake abuse, Another Body.

Moving Forward

The Reclaim Coalition will continue its work via Panorama's platform to build issue awareness, enhance survivor support systems, advocate for justice, and mobilize robust public and private funding to ensure the field's sustainability long-term.

Over the next year, Panorama will establish The Reclaim Coalition as an influential thought leader in the fields of survivor-centered design, technology-facilitated gender-based violence, online safety, and sexual assault awareness. Online image-based sexual violence is not slowing down, and the field will not, either.

Panorama also partners with leaders of established non-profits across issue areas and geographies. We convene peer learning communities that aim to support leaders, their organizations, and the broader social sector by documenting and sharing what we've learned.

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View Case Study: Collaborative Learning for Impact Philanthropy (CLIP)

Panorama Global kicked off the Collaborative Learning for Impact Philanthropy (CLIP) initiative in January 2022 to understand the impact of MacKenzie Scott's unprecedented giving, support nonprofit leaders as they experience organizational growth, and influence philanthropic practices and funders based on what we learned. Since then, more than 100 organizations that received Scott grants have participated in our peer learning communities and shared their insights, informing the broader social and philanthropic ecosystem.

Navigating the impacts of large unrestricted grants

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has sought to address some of the systemic challenges of philanthropic underinvestment through her giving. Since 2019 she has given over $16 billion through 1,964 unrestricted grants. The organizations that have received funding from Scott share a unique experience: few nonprofit organizations have ever received such a significant single infusion of unrestricted multi-year funding with little notice. These organizations found themselves with the exciting challenge of deciding how best to allocate the investment strategically, including planning for the future, scaling their operations efficiently, messaging, and managing internal and external expectations, in addition to maximizing this funding to amplify impact.

"Together, we are building a movement and changing the donor mindset of how their gifts can be transformative. I think with Panorama Global we can help build a movement for donors to shift their mindset. This is something we can all do together.” - Stephanie Heckman, Chief Development Officer at Adeso (Cohort Participant)

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has sought to address some of the systemic challenges of philanthropic underinvestment through her giving. Since 2019 she has given over $16 billion through 1,964 unrestricted grants. The organizations that have received funding from Scott share a unique experience: few nonprofit organizations have ever received such a significant single infusion of unrestricted multi-year funding with little notice. These organizations found themselves with the exciting challenge of deciding how best to allocate the investment strategically, including planning for the future, scaling their operations efficiently, messaging, and managing internal and external expectations, in addition to maximizing this funding to amplify impact.

Through the CLIP initiative, Panorama has used this unique opportunity to understand more about the value and impact of large multi-year, unrestricted, general operating support grants on a range of organizations working in different geographies and sectors and across many issue areas. Panorama hosted six peer learning communities that brought leaders together to share knowledge including lived experiences about how they navigated the impact of their Scott gifts. Through these communities and many conversations with additional leaders who received Scott's grants, Panorama captured their perspectives and learnings to create eight impactful resources, hosted seven speaking engagements at events, and was quoted in several media publications on the subject matter.

"I realized some of the struggles we were having were not specific to us but rather specific to the context we're all in post-pandemic and receiving a grant in that period. There is a lot being reinvented and reemerging and this gift is coming in that context. It creates some uneasiness and a feeling of needing to find stability." - Digital Green, Cohort Participant

Let's explore how Panorama can be your trusted partner in creating a positive impact.

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